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The Game A Delectable Basket of Treats (HD, TV-14) Robin and Malik plan a belated wedding reception, which Tasha boycotts; Derwin and Melanie face the reality of their complicated relationship.
The Game The Platski Thickens (HD, TV-14) Kelly tries to get over her split with Jason by going out with the girls; Jason goes to one of Malik's parties but regrets it in the morning.
Family Guy This Little Piggy (HD, TV-14) Meg is recruited to be a model, but her excitement turns sour when she learns that it is for the foot-fetish industry; Stewie and Brian hit the open road.
Family Guy Brian Sings and Swings (TV-14) Brian's near-death experience leads him to pursue his lifelong interest in singing, while Meg ventures out to explore her sexual identity.
American Dad! Whole Slotta Love (HD, TV-14) Roger performs comedy routines on planes as a stewardess, but another stewardess begins to move in on his crowd and may be funnier than he is.
The Cleveland Show (HD, TV-14) A man travels to be with his highschool sweetheart in Virginia, and he finds a rebellious teenage daughter and a young son also awaiting him.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Post Mortem (TV-PG) A couple going through financial difficulties digs up a rotting corpse when they find out the man had a winning ticket, but they learn he was murdered.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Safe Conduct (TV-PG) A reporter gets into an involved crime scheme while returning from the West where was given special permission to interview a powerful dictator.
Mannix Return to Summer Grove (TV-PG) Mannix returns to his hometown after an old flame asks for help defending her husband, who has been charged with murder and is in an iron lung.
Cannon The Exchange (TV-PG) A Cuban exile is driven by revenge towards a police Lieutenant whom he blames for the death of his young brother; he kidnaps and officer.
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