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Mike & Molly Mike's Not Ready (HD, TV-14) Mike and Molly show visible signs that they do not know where the relationship is going when she invites him into her house after a date and he turns her down.
The Game The Truth Hurts (HD, TV-14) Tasha's tirade during a press conference causes Malik to make a very tough decision regarding her career; Kelly tries to bail Jason out of a random drug test.
The Game Turkey Basting B*tches (HD, TV-14) Melanie waits on ex Derwin and his new girlfriend; Derwin becomes the target of a woman's scandalous attempt to get pregnant by using a turkey baster.
Family Guy 12 and a Half Angry Men (HD, TV-14) After a murder occurs at Mayor's West mansion and he is arrested, the citizens of Quahog sit in the jury and must determine if he is the murderer.
Family Guy Switch the Flip (HD, TV-14) Stewie and Brian decide to exchange bodies in the hopes of getting Brian's life back in order, but the machine they use goes haywire and causes city-wide chaos.
American Dad! Pilot (HD, TV-PG) Stan uses his CIA training to ensure Steve's bid for class president ends in a landslide victory; Roger helps Haley on her school paper in return for junk food.

The Twilight Zone Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room (TV-PG) An insecure crook is nervous when he is ordered to kill a man, and when he looks into the mirror he sees the stronger, more confident man he could have been.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents John Brown's Body (TV-PG) A furniture designer is committed to a mental institution by his wife and his business partner because they believe he is destroying the business.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Crackpot (TV-PG) Two newlyweds have trouble with their car on the way to a hotel, and a businessman stops to help them but becomes furious when he gets his suit dirty.
Mannix Dark So Early, Dark So Long (TV-PG) Mannix' old friend ask him to look after her daughter, who became an alcoholic and had been acting in a strange fashion; the daughter soon becomes a suspect.
Cannon The Shadow Man (TV-PG) A woman claims her hotel developer husband had fallen off of a cliff but, upon investigation, the body could not be found; the wife calls Frank to investigate.
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