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« NCIS: New Orleans Hard Knock Life (HD, TV-14) Pride questions certain pieces of evidence that suggest homeless children should be considered suspects in the case of a murdered petty officer.
How I Met Your Mother Cleaning House (HD, TV-14) Barney convinces the gang to help his mom move out of her home, they learn that she's been protective of events throughout his life; Ted gets upset with Robin.
How I Met Your Mother Legendaddy (HD, TV-14) When Barney finally meets his father for the first time, he's shocked to learn how his life turned out; the gang points out each other's "gaps" in life.
Rules of Engagement The Set Up (HD, TV-14) Russell discovers that Timmy has a sister and aims to do anything to impress her; Jeff and Audrey decide to set their neighbor Liz up on a blind date.
Rules of Engagement Beating the System (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey learn that their surrogate has become pregnant, changing both of their lives; Timmy takes on the role of wedding planner for Adam and Jennifer.
The King of Queens Offensive Fowl (HD, TV-PG) After Doug almost hits a chicken with his vehicle, he decides to spare the lives of other animals and become a vegetarian, making Carrie very uncomfortable.

M*A*S*H The Birthday Girls (TV-PG) Margaret's birthday plans are spoiled when she and Klinger suddenly get stranded; Hawkeye and B.J. assist in the delivery of a calf.
Columbo: Murder in Malibu (TV-PG, NR, **) An ambitious womanizer is rejected by a romance novelist he's planning to marry, so he creates a violent ending for their story.
Collector's Call Video Games (New, TV-G) The host visits the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, where director Sean Kelly keeps his collection of video games, including Nintendo and Atari.
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