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Mike & Molly Peggy Goes To Branson (HD, TV-14) When Peggy decides to leave town, she leaves her dog, Jim, with Mike and Molly claiming that it will be good practice for when they have kids of their own.
Republic of Doyle The Dating Game (HD, TV-14) Jake and Leslie find themselves trapped while trying to stop a robbery taking place; when Mal learns of his missing son, he and Des try to locate Jake.
The Cleveland Show Terry Unmarried (HD, TV-14) Cleveland finds out that his marriage to Donna is not legal and learns his best friend is gay and in a relationship, so he plans a double wedding.
Forest Park Medical Center of Tarrant County
Peter Popoff Miracle Ministry (TV-G) Peter Popoff leads a ministry for new Christians who live in the former Soviet Union where he helps to build new churches where they are wanted.
Lost in Space Fugitives in Space (TV-PG) Major West and Dr. Smith are wrongfully convicted of aiding an escaped criminal and are imprisoned on the infamous prison planet Destructon.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Dead Men's Doubloons (TV-PG) Captain Crane and the crew encounter what some fear is a curse when the flying sub is attacked by a square-rigger and taken to the Isle of Death by pirates.
Night Gallery Make Me Laugh (TV-PG) A comic who has a hard time making people laugh strikes a deal with a miracle worker who will lose his powers if he doesn't arrange a miracle by midnight.
Night Gallery The House (TV-PG) After a recurring dream featuring a strange house, the former resident of a mental institution discovers the building.
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